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The Privacy policy
The guideline on personal data collection and usage

1.What information do we collect?
The Korea Economic Daily collects information from you when you register for Global HR Forum or register to receive its newsletter:
- for locals, foreign residents: title, name (English and Korean), organization (English and Korean), department (English and Korean), current position (English and Korean), telephone, mobile, address, e-mail, country
- for foreigners: title, name, organization, department, current position, telephone, mobile, address, e-mail, country

2. What do we gather your information for?
Any of the information we collect from you may be used for the following purposes:
- to inform participants of registration in the latest events and event-related information
- to measure the frequency of access to our website and report website usage statistics

3. How do we collect information?
- through homepage, statements, fax, phone, Email, etc...
- through web-based tools for data creation and collection

4. How long do we retain your information and use it?
Collected data is retained and used only for the period of time when we offer services from the day to open account. When users request to leave the account or call off the agreement on data collection and use or when the gathered data is no longer needed or retention time is expired, users’ privacy will be deleted immediately. However, the following data may be retained for a given time under the current law:

- Under Protection of Communications Secret Act, personal data such as login record may be retained for three months.
- Under Consumer Protection Law regarding e-commerce, the record of contract or withdrawal may be kept for 5 years
- Under Consumer Protection Law regarding e-commerce, the data on consumer complaint or dispute settlement may be stored for 3 years
- Under Consumer Protection Law regarding e-commerce, the supply of goods and the payment for them may be recorded and stored for 5 years
- Under the law on the Protection and Use of Location information, location information may be recorded and retained for one year
- Under Electronic Financial Transaction Act, electronic financial transaction information may be retained for 5 years.
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